Welcome to PupTech, the complete Breeder Service.

We aim to provide everything the serious breeder requires, from Quality Nutrition and Pre-Conception, to Happy Healthy Puppies ready to leave home.

With over 30 years experience within the field, we are only too well aware how difficult the logistics of a successful litter can be, and so often have found ourselves defeated by Office Hours, Public Holidays, Vet Availability, Postal Services, Travel Restrictions and Time.

Never ones to easily accept defeat, we decided a proactive independent approach was required to have all necessary services, 24/7, at our finger tips, resulting in our fully equipped Canine Fertility facility on site.

We are pleased to now offer these services to our colleagues and likeminded serious breeders .



Semen Evaluation

Progesterone Testing

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning


Fresh Frozen Serum ( Ultimate Colostrum Substitute)

Whelping Supplies ( Calsorb, Velcro Collars, Liquid life aid, Navel Clamps, Enteral Tubes etc)

Whelping Boxes


Green Beef Tripe

Beef & Heart

Offal & Tripe

Fresh frozen free range eggs (puppy diet)

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5 Reasons to choose PUPTECH

  • We have 30 years Experience and Hard Earned Knowledge gained through hands on experience with our own dogs
  • We deeply appreciate and understand the Importance, Financial Commitments, Hopes and Dreams invested in every litter
  • We are available 24/7 without the nightmare constraints of Office Hours, Public Holidays and Weekends
  • We only offer Services and Products that we use and trust within our own kennel
  • We offer relevant services and products, specific to dedicated breeders, at realistic prices
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