Artificial Insemination

A.I. has a valuable place in Dog Breeding for several reasons:

  • prevention of cross infections
  • avoidance of stress and potential injuries
  • assistance by necessity due to dog or bitches inexperience, reluctance, size difference and physiology
  • Safe delivery of valuable chilled semen
  • Access to a widening gene pool and overseas dogs, previously inaccessible due to location, geography and travel

Semen Evaluation

Semen Evaluation is so often overlooked in the conception process, yet without confirmation of a fertile male, conception becomes a game of chance. A visual assessment by microscope can clarify that this one essential piece of the conception jigsaw puzzle is safely in place.

Progesterone Testing

Progesterone testing is the single most influential aspect of successful conception. We are all indoctrinated with the idea that a bitch should be mated between day 10 and day 12, yet in our experience most bitches have not read the instruction manual and can vary these dates by a week or more.

  • The single biggest cause of failure to conceive is simple bad timing due to ignorance of the bitches ovulation date and most fertile days.
  • A largely unrecognised cause of a failed confirmed pregnancy/ reabsorption can be a bitches insufficient progesterone level for maintenance of pregnancy. Those mysteriously empty bitches need not be accepted as bad luck, but can be monitored and supported to a successful litter.
  • Whilst monitoring progesterone levels mid pregnancy the opportunity can be taken to freeze the bitches blood serum from the same blood sample. This blood serum contains all the antibodies a newborn requires and just a few drops in the first 4 hours of birth can completely replace essential colostrum in the event a bitch is slow to produce milk or requires a C-Section.
  • Whelping due date can be accurately calculated when precise date of ovulation and conception is known. This can be invaluable in preparation for expected birth date or arranging a safe full term date for an elective C Section.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning

This another vital tool in a successful breeders repertoire. Confirmation of pregnancy at 28 – 30 days allows a breeder to:

  • provide the bitch with her appropriate nutritional and environmental requirements
  • Check her blood progesterone levels and support if necessary
  • Store Blood Serum in readiness
  • Arrange the show calendar / work demands / help with puppies, around an expected litter (or not)
  • communicate with excited puppy owners on your waiting list

We are happy to provide ultrasound scanning here at PupTech or in your home / at a show by arrangement.

Ultrasound Scanning cannot accurately predict the number of puppies to expect in a litter as this is subject to many variables throughout the pregnancy.