We have now fed a raw diet for 20 years and can only sing its praises. Skin, Coat and Digestive issues don’t trouble our dogs, appetites are good, waste is minimal, puppies are robust and food intolerances don’t happen. We’d even go so far as to say that doggy flatulence is very rare!

Based purely on our own experience and recommendation we can now offer the raw meats we have fed to our dogs for 2 decades

Green Beef Tripe

Easily digested, readily eaten, full of helpful gut enzymes. Minced and Fresh Frozen

Available in 2 Kg – £3.50 and 4 Kg – £6.50

Beef & Heart

Top quality, Ideal for puppies and dogs requiring high quality protein. Mince and Fresh Frozen.

Available in 1 Kg – £3.00,  2 Kg – £5.00, 4Kg – £9.00

Offal & Tripe Mix.

The ideal diet containing all the essentials. Minced and Fresh Frozen.

Available in 2Kg – £3.25 and 4Kg – £6.00

Fresh Frozen Free Range Eggs.

Beaten and fresh frozen by the dozen. Provides the high quality protein, Omega essential fatty Acids and digestibility ideal for puppies and a convenient system for instant scrambled Egg Puppy Dinners

1 dozen –  £1.50