Fresh Frozen Serum

Fresh Frozen Serum can be a life saver, providing new born puppies with all the antibodies essential for survival. C-Section, Eclampsia, Stress and illness can all prevent a bitch from producing milk immediately after whelping, yet these first few hours are the golden hours in terms of litter survival. Colostrum (first milk) contains all a bitches antibodies, specific to her and her environment, which puppies must receive to develop their own immunity. Without these antibodies, puppies can be fatally vulnerable to the simplest infection and bacteria and in this situation a supply of the bitches fresh frozen serum is invaluable. Ideally administered to puppies within 4 hours of birth, just a few drops of serum will provide a puppy with the same immunity a tummy full of colostrum would provide. Time is of the essence for serum / colostrum as a puppy has a very short time window when its gut is capable of absorbing these antibodies and administration should be within no more than 12 hours of birth.

Whelping Supplies

  • Calsorb – fast absorbed oral Calcium paste for bitches. A safe alternative to Oxytocin to progress whelping  and encourage milk production. Also swiftly resolves eclampsia. A fantastic product which we couldn’t be without.
  • Navel Clamps. Neat, effective, closes umbilical cord to help prevent infection and blood loss. Can be sterilised and reused.
  • Enteral Syringe & Tube. Safe system for tube feeding. Avoids aspiration pneumonia. Delivers nutrition and hydration safely to weak / small / poorly puppies who have poor suck reflex. Available in small breed and large breed size.
  • Liquid Life Aid. A life saver for poorly puppies. Provides essential hydration, electrolytes, salts and energy to puppies who are unable to tolerate milk during illness.
  • Velcro puppy collars. Easy identification of individual puppies from birth allowing accurate recording of weight gain, feeding and development.
  • Whelping Boxes – Custom built to clients requirements. Strong, Hygienic, Built for safety and comfort, easily dismantled for storage. A lifetime purchase for a lifetimes use.